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new year, new blog

January 1, 2011

Hi everyone. Thank you to all who have visited this site for 2 and half years. Additional thanks to pokemon enthusiasts who search for pokemon related stuff and made my stats hit 800 views/day for awhile. That felt really awesome. But now that it’s a new year and I’ve grown to understand the web more and more over that course of time, I’ve decided to make a new main blog on my own domain. Don’t get me wrong, I’ll still have thenthpower up so that others can continue to download sheet music and also to blog about new ones that I upload from time to time. Well, that’s all for now… what are you waiting for, go check out :D here’s a little quick peek of how it looks like


a very panini christmas

December 23, 2010

Look what I just made with the panini maker Jeff got me for Christmas!! I loooovvveee ittttt omm nommm noommmmm

blog on my own website?

December 12, 2010

Lately I’ve been thinking about switching to my own site to do all my blogging. Plus sides: a lot more themes to choose from and customize and it’s on my own domain. Negative sides: I’ll lose the average 110 views I get per day from people searching pokemon and sheet music and lots of work to set up the new one. I think what I’m going to do is leave this one here as is so people can still download the sheet music while also making the new one to start blogging there. Yeah, I think I’ll do that.

nishiki bike project post #13

November 21, 2010

Finally finished stripping off all the paint! Primer and new paint up next and I’ll be officially done whoo hooo! I guess post #14 will be the last one of me updating where I am on fixing it up heh.

evolution of the geek

November 15, 2010

I’ve always considered myself somewhat of a geek ever since I was a little girl getting good grades and honor rolls and eventually evolving to a modern day geek who likes design and Glee. I saw this flowchart and simply put, it’s awesome. Which geek are you?

The Evolution of the Geek
Flowtown – Social Media Marketing Application

namphuong van 3.0

November 13, 2010

For some reason I keep forgetting to blog stuff after I tweet and facebook them. Anyway, DAH DA DA DAAHHH my portfolio version 3.0 is now up!! Also, I switched to using html again instead of flash, the things I wanted to do were wayyyyy too complicated for a code noobie like me. Go check it out if you haven’t already at Everything you see was created and coded by me (with advice guidance from Jeff, and tutorials on how to code suff from sites like tutvid). I spent sleepless nights trying to get all the coding right since that’s the hardest part for me but alas, I made it. Sometimes I even went a little crazy too from all the errors :P But after I finished making this, I have to say,  it made me want to learn more about CSS, Javascript, PHP, and other web languages. Maybe I’ll pick up some more coding skills and make version 4.0 even better bwahaha…

alice in bummerland

November 6, 2010

Just downloaded Netflix onto my Wii and the first thing I watch turned out to be not so great. I’ve been meaning to watch Alice in Wonderland for awhile now and since it was the first thing I saw on Netflix, I was excited to finally see it. Kind of a let down… first off, the quality of streaming Netflix through the Wii and onto the tv is absolutely horrid. It’s like watching a large scale bad quality youtube video that buffers from time to time. The movie itself was almost just as bad. It was kinda creepy for a kid’s movie and the storyline was scattered. But if I had watched in on a regular dvd, I’m pretty sure I would have been a little less irritated because the quality would have been clean and crisp. Overall, I give it a 2/10. On a brighter side, the song that played during the end credits was really good and caught my attention so I looked it up. Who knew Avril Lavigne was still singing haha. PS the quality of this video was like 10x better to give you an idea of what I sat through.