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2nd evolve form of black and white starter pokemon

August 11, 2010

These are confirmed!!!! :O The fire pig has not been shown yet though. Everyone says the water one looks pretty gay but I have hope that it’ll look a bit better in the 3rd form (I hope…)


nishiki summer bike project post #9

August 10, 2010

So as it turns out, the 700c tires that I bought didn’t fit my wheels because my wheels aren’t 700c, they’re 27″ wheels. Whoops hehe. Well anyway, I decided it was best to resell it on craigslist and use the money to buy the right sized tire this time. To my luck, someone who had white 27″ tires but wanted white 700c tires saw my post and we ended up trading! Then afterwards, I changed it allllll by myself without my dad’s help. That’s just the front wheel. The rear one is much more complicated because there’s chains and bolts involved so I’ll need my dad’s help again when I decide to change it. For now, I have a combination of white and black wheels which looks pretty neat if you ask me. Only a few more things to do before I’m completely done working on my bike: change the rear tire, strip the paint, paint a new coat on (bright orange), fix the brakes, un-rust the metal areas, and put a basket on. Hopefully I’ll finish it all before the Green Prix for Zer01 starts in September.

nishiki summer bike project post #8

August 2, 2010

Today I decided to do some real “fixing-upping” to my bike by replacing the original black tire with the white one that I bought online (mentioned in an earlier bike post). My dad helped me out and showed me how to take the wheel off the frame and then the tire/tube off the wheel. It is a lot harder than I thought! And that wasn’t even the hardest part. The tires that I bought online said it would fit any tires between the sizes of 700 x 20c to 700 x 32c. Mine is 700 x 28c but I could barely fit it halfway!! They lied! I really hope they give me a refund or send me bigger ones… Anyway, I wanted to continue fixing it up the next day and just leave it there but my sister kept whining like crazy to put it back together right now so that she can ride it to her water polo practice tomorrow when we have another frickin bike sitting outside but she doesn’t want to ride that one she wants to ride mine……….. wtf -_- Eventually I started feeling guilty and decided to put it back together (not just for her though, a bit for me so that I could get some practice putting on a tire back on). It’s so hard putting back on my original tire! My back was ready to give out! I can imagine the immense frustration if I did it with the stupid new tires that didn’t fit around the rim in the first place. Well anyway, although I wasn’t able to put on the white tire like I first planned, I still enjoyed the experience of my dad helping me take the tire off and then me later prying around to figure how to put it back together all by myself because now I know how to do it :D

nishiki summer bike project post #7

July 20, 2010

Today when I was shopping around Daiso, I found a really cute basket for $5 that I could possibly use for my bike! It’s so cute and fits perfectly between my handlebars. I just need to find some mechanism to attach it. I also stopped by OSH to look for some supplies in preparation to repaint my frame the way I like it (bright orange) and remembered from the instructables website that I needed to get paint stripper, so I bought a can of that too. This project is starting to get rolling again.

nishiki summer bike project post #6

July 19, 2010

It’s been awhile since I updated on my summer bike project since I haven’t really fixed it up in any other way yet. I have been riding it around a lot though. Anyway, I was searching for cheap colored tires to replace the thick bulky ones I have right now and stumbled on a site called Usually one tire costs around $25-$60 but this site is selling a PAIR of colored tires for only $31.50 AND free shipping!! I think I’m gonna buy some white tires soon hehehe.

logic studio

July 3, 2010

Looks like my bike project will have to take a little break at the moment… because I just got Logic Studio!! I’ve been waiting to get this precious little program years ago when I first discovered it in my electronic music class at De Anza. Four years and a Macbook Pro later, I can finally have my very own. This baby costs a whopping $499 in stores but I got it for $149 at a student discount from my school bookstore hehe!! Now, I finally have time to sit down and play around with it and IT’S SOOO FUNNNNN :D Time to produce some seriously catchy music.

i’m so gangsta

June 29, 2010

LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL Jeff you’re gonna make me die laughing one day, I just know it haha

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